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Your digital and analog media preserved by TISA for free.

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The free deposit and archival of content that we offer is the safest way to protect your heritage from everyday accidents: damage, loss or theft. To overcome these potential issues, we keep your physical archives in humidity and temperature controlled storage spaces, and we keep two copies of your digital archives at two different locations. 

Depositing your archives at TISA also means allowing the cataloging of its content: a long and hard task that our archiving professionals take care of on a daily basis to allow easy and quick access to the content. 

Finally, by depositing your archives, you contribute to the collective memory of surfing.

Each deposit can be made either by a natural person or a legal entity. A deposit agreement specifying the nature and quantity of the deposited elements will automatically be drafted between the depositor and TISA.

The deposit can either be definitive (donation) or without surrendering intellectual property rights (simple deposit). For each deposit, an agreement details the authorizations attached to it (use, preservation, restoration, etc.). 

The deposit, the temporary withdrawal and the preservation of the archives are free of charge. However, we encourage the depositor to be an active member of TISA. 

When requested, depositors will be charged for services such as digitalization, encoding, withdrawals, deliveries, according to the signed agreement. 

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